Today I want to talk about Jerry Garcia. One of the main forces behind The Grateful Dead. Jerry touched so many lives in his too short time on earth. Fortunately, his music lives on forever allowing him to touch more lives even though he's been gone for over twenty years.

It's no secret that I am a fan of The Grateful Dead. Anyone who listens to me on the air knows that. And even though I like Bob Weir, I have always been all about Jerry. That voice, that guitar, that feeling that I can't put into words. It sounds weird, but other Dead heads know what I mean.

I'll never forget the day Jerry died. I was on the air. We got word of his death just before the noon hour. We spent the whole lunch hour playing Grateful Dead music. And the tribute continued through the afternoon and long into the night. It was such a sad day, but it was great the way we celebrated his life and his music. It was a comfort to fans, and a comfort to all of us here at the radio station.

Rest in Peace wherever you may be, Jerry. Thanks for all of the great music and the good times that went with it.