It seems so weird to me that Bob Weir turns 70 today. he was always considered the baby. When he joined The Grateful Dead he was still just a teenager. And now he's 71. That's 18 years older than Jerry Garcia was when he died.

I was always a Grateful dead fan, but I was partial to Jerry Garcia. I loved Jerry's voice, his guitar playing, I always liked the songs that Jerry sand the best. But I've come to realize that there are also a ton of songs that Bob Weir sings that I also love. I got to interview Bob over the phone a couple of times, and I'm not going to lie. It wasn't easy. He's very soft spoken, and I felt he'd rather be anywhere but doing some phone interview. I guess I don't blame him.

The song I picked for today isn't really lost, but it is such a treasure. I don't know many people that don't like this song, even if they're not fans of The Grateful Dead. Happy Birthday, Bob Weir. Your music has brought me much joy, more than I've given you credit for. Thank you.