The theme right now on My Lost Treasure is in and out.  I guess today's pick is nit actually lost since I still get to hear it occasionally, but it is one of my favorites from The Eagles with Joe Walsh.

I admit that I am a fan of the early days of The Eagles.  The Desperado days.  But Joe Walsh is a great guitarist and has certainly made many great contributions to the band.  Today's lost treasure is one of those contributions.  The first time I ever saw the Eagles was during The Long Run tour.  Joe Walsh was new to the band, and I actually saw them on Joe's birthday.  It was a great show, and even I understood why they brought Joe Walsh in.

I am not sure how long the in and out theme will take us.  I hope through the end of March since the inspiration of the theme was from the in like a lion out like a lamb thing.  Got any good in or out ideas?  Pass the along to  Thanks.