It's the Five Ws. Who, What, Where, When, and Why. That is our theme right now on My Lost Treasure. Today's song, another suggestion from my friend Matt Price, is a really long one. Long, but great.

I am a  Doors fan.  I own almost every album.  But sometimes I forget what a big fan I am. And then I hear a Doors song, and I remember.  Today’s pick goes out to Fireman Mike, a long time listener and huge fan of The Doors.  It also goes out to my coworker John Clark, also a Doors fan. And my friend Dan the Man who introduced me to deep cuts from The Doors.

If you have a request for a song with one of the five Ws in the title, you can tell me about it on facebook.  If you are not on facebook send me an email to  Thanks for all the suggestions I have already received, they are a big help.