The theme right now is size, and today it is a "little" song from the past. We are going way back today, and I am sure there are people who do not even know this song exists. And I am also sure there are those who will remember.

I actually remember this silly little song more than I remember that time in my life. I was really, really young. But it is one of those songs that stand out because it is so different. And I have heard it through the years now and then. It's just a fun "little" song, and it may bring a smile to your face. A good Saturday morning kind of song.

Have a great weekend. This coming week Boris and I will have tickets for Peace, Love, and Food Trucks at Bethel Woods. We will give them away at 7:45 am, so make sure you tune in. Thanks for listening!

Bonus Video: Robyn Taylor’s Rock News