Our theme is easy, but hard to explain. It's songs that have a word in the title that can be tied in with the holidays, but wasn't intended to be. It sounds kind of confusing, but it really isn't. Today's lost treasure was suggested by Jessica. The holiday word today is Jesus.

I grew up listening to The Doobie Brothers on the radio, but I didn't have any albums by them. To me they were just alright. Which is kind of a nod to today's song.  I really came to like The Doobies a few years ago when they played at Bethel Woods for one of the WPDH summer concerts. They were flawless. I was really impressed, and I became a much bigger fan after that. Actually, today's treasure is one of my favorite Doobie songs and it always has been.

If you have an idea for a holiday song that's not a holiday song, then drop me a line at robyn@wpdh.com or on facebook. Thanks!

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