Today on My Lost Treasure, we celebrate the life of David Bowie. He would have been 72 today. He was born on Jan. 8, and died on Jan. 10, just two days after his 69th birthday. Way too soon.

I have so many great David Bowie memories. As a teenager, I would ride around new Windsor with my friends listening to David Bowie. Mostly we listened to the Ziggy Stardust album, and always on eight track, of course. As I got older I started listening to other David Bowie albums and started to really appreciate the genius of Bowie. I think one of my best David Bowie memories is seeing him at The Chance in Poughkeepsie. Talk about an intimate venue. Talk about a great show.

And then there is the memory of coming to work on Monday Jan. 11 2016. I went to bed early the night before and had no idea that David Bowie had died. Boris broke the news to me, and I was in shock. In fact, I don't think I'm over it yet.

David Bowie was an innovator, and amazing musician, and a class act. Happy Birthday, David Bowie, wherever you may be. And thanks for the memories.