Our current My Lost Treasure theme is songs with body parts in the title. Yesterday, in honor of Mountain Jam, we played a "heart" song from Tom Petty who was last night's headliner at Mountain Jam. Now we have a "face" song from Peter Frampton who will be on stage at Mountain Jam today.

I have never met Peter Frampton in person, but I have had the pleasure of interviewing him a few times over the phone. Talk about an awesome person. Not only is he an amazing talent musically, he is also a gentleman with a great sense of humor and a ton of stories to tell. And he tells them well. i can only hope that one day i will get to meet him face to face.

If you are at Mountain Jam, I can guarantee that you will not be disappointed. If you can't make it today, I suggest you go see Peter Frampton the next time he is in your area. It's a great show. In the meantime, there is always today's lost treasure.

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