The theme on My Lost Treasure right now is size. Big, little, small, large, short, tall, etc. So many of the songs we have already used have the word little in the title, and so does the one I picked for today. It's a good one.

Whenever I think of Paul McCartney I think of my old friend Sal Livoti. Sal is no longer with us, but the memories are. Sal was probably the biggest Paul McCartney fan I ever met.  We spent many fun nights at his house in Marlboro. listening to Paul McCartney.  Most of us still lived at home with our parents, but Sal had his own house. And he went to The Culinary Institute. His own house and he could cook. And he played great music. No wonder the memories are so good.

I am always open to ideas and requests for My Lost Treasure. For songs and for future themes.  Just send me an email to, find me on facebook, or let me know your ideas in the space below. Thanks!

Bonus Video: Robyn Taylor’s Rock News