Our theme right now on My Lost Treasure is old and/or new.  I feel the need to apologize. Apologize because I do not like today's song.  It is not a treasure for me. But I got enough requests for it that I realize it is somebody's treasure.

Maybe I liked the song when it first came out, I really don't remember.  Over the years I came to hate it.  After seeing it performed at every wedding, with all the old folks dancing away to it, it seemed to lose its appeal.  It became a wedding band standard.  No offence, but once I saw my mom and dad fancy dancing to it, I just could not think of it as a cool song anymore.  I'm sorry.  But if you like it, here it is.

Got a really cool song that fits the theme?  Got a good idea for a theme?  Let me know at robyn@wpdh.com.  Thank you.  And I'm sorry.