We are working on a body parts theme right now on My Lost Treasure. This one came to me yesterday, and the body part for today is the mouth. And I feel like I have not heard this one in a while, so I guess it fits the lost treasure thing.

I know I have told this story before, and I am sure I will be telling it again. I got to meet Meat Loaf years ago when he brought his Storytellers tour to the Mid Hudson Civic Center in Poughkeepsie.  I was one of the people that got to walk through the audience with a mic.  I would hold the mic up to audience members that had questions.  I had to meet with Meat in his dressing room before the show for all the instructions, and there were plenty of instructions. For instance, I had to go out to the line of people waiting to get in and find 12 attractive people and get their names. Later during the show they were all called up on stage to join Meat Loaf.

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