The theme on My Lost Treasure right now is up and down.  When I first thought of the theme I did not realize how many songs fit into this category.  Really good songs.  like the one I picked for today's treasure.

When I first started working at WPDH way back when it seemed like we played almost everything and anything.  Radio was so different back then.  We played a lot of Little Feat, including this song.  I hardly ever hear Little Feat on the radio anymore.  That's why I started My Lost Treasure.  So we do not forget about these great tunes that don't get a lot of airplay.

Is there a song with up or down in the title that you would like to see (or hear) me play on My Lost Treasure, pass it along to me.  It's  I am also on facebook, or you can write in the comment section below.  In the meantime, enjoy some Little Feat. This one really is a treasure.