Our theme for the month of March is in and out.  Because of the in like a lion and out like a lamb thing.  This weekend, it is a special Led Zeppelin in and out weekend. Yesterday we featured an "in" song from and in and out album.  Today we are playing a great "out" song.

I think that for the Average Joe Led Zeppelin listener, this is one of those songs that you say to yourself which song is Out On The Tiles?  And then you hear it and go oh yeah... it's that song.  This is one from the third album, it's a great song, and it seems to have gotten a little lost over the years.  That's what makes it a lost treasure.  Plus, it fits the theme and completes the Led Zeppelin in and out weekend.

Enjoy the rest of your time off and Boris and I will talk to bright and early tomorrow morning at six.  We have a fun week planned for you, so make sure you tune in. Thanks.