We are building a city with songs here on My Lost Treasure. We have all sorts of cool stuff in our city, including lots of water. So, I thought we better add a levee. And this is such a great song to kick off the weekend.

Today's lost treasure is not an original Led Zeppelin song. In fact, it was written way back in 1929. The inspiration for the song was a flood in Mississippi in 1927. And just as they have done with many songs, Led Zeppelin made it their own. I can't even tell you how many people would call to request this song when I was doing the midday show here at WPDH. All I know is that it was a lot.

We are going to try to keep this theme going for a while. In a couple of days we'll be adding mountains to the city. There are lots of mountain songs, so it will be like a theme within our theme. Got any ideas? Let me know at robyn@wpdh.com. Thanks! Have a great weekend!

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