The theme on My Lost Treasure is building a city through songs. So far we have house, streets and highways, parks and schools, jails, rivers and beaches. How about a store? And with Halloween on the way, this is going to be a busy store.

I remember getting the Presence album by Led Zeppelin for a gift for some occasion, although I don't remember what the occasion was. But I do remember it was on my list of gift preferences along with a bunch of other really good albums.  I was a pretty happy camper that year. And it's still one of my favorite Led Zeppelin albums. And it's always fun to kick off the weekend with a great Zeppelin song.

Got any ideas for songs we can add to build out city? Any store or shop songs, maybe? I would love to hear your suggestions. Let me know at or find me on facebook. Thanks, and have a great weekend!

Bonus Video: Robyn Taylor’s Cat News