The theme (the only one so far this summer) is transportation.  We covered trains, and now we're working on songs about planes.  I asked for suggestions, and I got a lot of them.  Today's song is a request for my facebook friend Richard Adler.

First, I want to say I'm praying hard for Joni Mitchell's recovery.  There have been a lot of conflicting stories in the news about her health.  We do know she suffered an aneurysm, and hopefully she'll make a full recovery.  Joni's contributions to the music world are countless.  Did you know the line in Led Zeppelin's Going to California about the girl with flowers in her hair is a reference to Joni Mitchell?  She wrote the song Woodstock.  And a slew of other great songs.

So, today it's a Joni Mitchell song that fits our theme.  Get well soon, Joni.  We love you.