The theme right now on My Lost Treasure is a letter theme that was inspired by the Letter Game that we play on The Boris and Robyn Show. We're playing a week of songs starting with each letter of the alphabet. Today is the last of the S songs.

I know that I kicked off the S songs with one from The Grateful Dead. And now I am ending the S songs with a tune from Jerry Garcia. If you're not a fan of The Dead, then I'm sorry. If you are a fan, you're welcome. I almost forgot about this one, but got suggestion from Chris Pritchard. And I believe that back in 2014 my very first My Lost Treasure was this very song. It's a great one, for sure.

Is there a song that you would like to hear? Mostly all songs begin with a letter, so chances are we'll be able to feature your favorite. The Ts are coming up, so how about your favorite song that starts with the letter T? Send your ideas to me at or on facebook. Thanks!

Bonus Video: Robyn Taylor’s Rock News