In honor of a season that is full of eating and drinking, the theme on My Lost Treasure is food and drink. And the food for today is anchovies.  This is a crazy song off of the Love Stinks album by J. Geils.  It almost has a Frank Zappa-ish sound to it.

I love The J. Geils Band.  I think that Peter Wolf is one of the greatest showmen ever.  I also love the stuff Peter has done solo in the past for years.  It's very Americana.  In fact, his Midnight Souvenirs album is one of my desert island discs.  I got to see Peter a few years ago at The Bearsville Theater.  He still looks so young and spry.  And what a great show it was.  People like that convince me that rock and roll helps to keep us young.

I hope you get a good laugh out of today's lost treasure.  It's silly and funny.  If you have a request pass it along to me at  Thanks.