Tomorrow is the last day of our up and down theme on My Lost Treasure.  This one came to me just in the nick of time.  It's both an "up" and "down" song from Elvis Costello, who is one of my favorites.  I'm glad I thought of it before the theme ended, or I would be kicking myself.

I also want to send this one out to my morning show partner Boris.  I'm a big Elvis Costello fan, but he is a much bigger fan.  I have only seen Elvis Costello possibly a couple of times, and only once that I can remember.  That was a few years ago at UPAC in Kingston.  The show was unbelievable.  Boris was there, and that was only one of several shows that he has seen.

On March 1 which is this Wednesday we will kick off the new theme of in and out. The connection is that March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb.  Got any requests?  Let me know at or on facebook.  Thanks.