The theme on My Lost Treasure is up and down.  Today's pick is a down song that I probably would have forgotten about.  Thanks to my friend Vicki Rudolph, here it is. Suggestions and requests are important to me because I would miss so much if I did not get them.

I remember hearing this song on the radio before I worked in radio.  The male personality on the air back sold the song by saying "That was Elton John with Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me.  The daughter would be okay, though."  And it stuck with me for years. Every time I hear the song, I hear that line.  It's like a curse.  But I still love the song, so thanks for the reminder. Vicki.

Got a good up or down song for My Lost Treasure?  Let me know what it is.  Send it to, find me on facebook, or write it in the comment section below.  And thanks.