The theme on My Lost Treasure right now is holiday songs that aren't holiday songs. Songs with something in the title that reminds us of the holidays. Like colors. Red or green for Christmas, blue or white for Chanukah. Candles, lights, trees. Today's song reference star. There are lots of stars during the holidays, no matter which holiday you celebrate.

I'm glad I was able to fit a David Bowie song into this theme. I've been a David Bowie fan since high school. I have so many fun memories of riding around with my friends listening to The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders From Mars. And the song isn't even the title track to that album, although that would work as well. Nope, today we're going for one that's more lost. It's one of my Bowie favorites.

If you have an idea for a song that can be tied in with the holidays, yet isn't an actual holiday song, let me know what it is. You can email me at or find me on facebook. Thanks!

Bonus Video: Robyn Taylor’s Cat News