We are working on an up and down theme on My Lost Treasure, and I am proud to say I came up with today's song all on my own.  I was driving in the car the other day thinking about songs with up or down in the title, and bam, this one came into my head.

Anybody who knows me also knows that I love Neil Young.  I also love Stephen Stills. Put the two of them together with a few other fine musicians, and you get Buffalo Springfield.  I only recently found out that Stephen Stills actually wrote this song before the formation of Buffalo Springfield, but waited and recorded it with them.  It is such a great song, and it used to get a decent amount of radio airplay.  not so much anymore, though.

Tomorrow we will play another song that features Stephen Stills.  I also came up with that one on my own.  And I am really looking forward to it.  In the meantime, enjoy this classic "down" song.