We are building a city through songs on My Lost Treasure. And with your help, it's becoming a very cool city. Right now we are putting in some roads and streets. Today's treasure is one of my all time favorite Bruce Springsteen songs. It's not all that lost, but it is a treasure.

I am a Bruce Springsteen fan. Not the kind of fan that has to see him every time he comes to the area, but I still am a fan. In fact, I have only seen Bruce in concert once, but it was in his home state of New Jersey, so it was pretty awesome. A lot of people become bigger Bruce fans once they see him live. I am a big fan of the Born To Run album. And this is my favorite song from that album.

Do you want to help me build the city? Send me your song ideas. I'm at robyn@wpdh.com, on facebook, or you can just write your suggestion in the space below. Thanks!

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