Today is Bruce Springsteen's 67th birthday.  Happy birthday, Bruce.  And our theme right now on My Lost Treasure is weather related songs.  Bruce has one that fits the theme, and it is one of my favorite Springsteen songs.

I got to see Bruce Springsteen in concert only once.  But it was in New Jersey, and it was a great show.  From what i hear, all Bruce Springsteen shows are great, but if you are only going to see him once, his home state of New Jersey is the place to do it.  He is 67 today, but he has been playing record breaking long shows during this latest tour.  He is an inspiration for sure.

Check back here later today for yet another lost treasure.  That's right, two in one day. We have something planned to celebrate our 40th anniversary concert tonight at the Mid Hudson Civic Center.  I hope to see you there.