Our theme here on My Lost treasure is old and/or new.  Right now we are concentrating on New York songs.  Today's pick goes out to Jessica in Rhinebeck and Mike in Newburgh.  They both sent me requests to hear it.

I never had the pleasure of meeting Ace Frehley, but many years ago I was at The China Club in new York City where my boyfriend Bobby was doing sound for the bands. There was a guy there that was surrounded by beautiful women.  He was not the best looking guy in the China Club, not by a long shot.  But all these women wanted him.  I finally asked my boyfriend what's the deal with that guy?  And he told me it was Ace Frehley.  Well, that would explain the harem.

This is one of my favorite New York songs.  I am glad I decided to include New York songs in the old and/or new theme.  If you have a good one, pass it along to me. Our next theme will be up and/or down, so start thinking of suggestions now.   Thanks.