Yesterday (April 19), we reported on former Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Jake E. Lee recollecting how Nikki Sixx and Tommy Lee wanted him to replace Mick Mars in Motley Crue circa 1981. Sixx has denied these claims, calling it a "make believe story."

The bassist was vocal on Twitter, first calling out "has been's [sic], never was's [sic], washed up long ago small career people coming outta the woodwork around the [The Dirt] movie." He called these attention-seeking people "desperate" but did not state the catalyst for the tweet.

Later responding to a fan's reaction to Lee's claims, Sixx said it was a "make believe story" and that "everybody wants a piece of the Crue now." The bassist affirmed, "We know our story way more than some shadowy worms."

"Nikki [Sixx] and Tommy [Lee] wanted me in the band. They actually wanted me to replace Mick — which you can understand that," said the guitarist, bragging, "[I was] fucking better looking and fucking better playing," said Lee in an interview with Tone Talk.

He went on to add, "I'm not even necessarily saying it would be better. Nothing against Mick. [He had] great tone, fucking good rhythm. [He] probably was what they needed to be big. They wouldn't have been as big with me. Musically, they might have been better."

Motley Crue shared the road with Jake E. Lee when the band opened for Ozzy Osbourne in 1984 as the singer was supporting his Bark at the Moon album, the first to feature Lee.

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