It's almost a repeat of last week. 

The remnants of Tropical Storm Gordon moved though the area, and brought soaking rains ealry last week. Now, and even bigger storm system is on the way. 

The remnants of Hurricane Florence are expected to swing around to the east fro mOhio and west Virginia. and move through the Northeast by Monday night and into Tuesday. The hurricane has brought record breaking fooding to the Carolinas, as over 35 inches of rain has fallen in some areas, with more predicted on the way.

Rain, with thunderstorms and downpours are expected to move into the Hudson Valley area by Monday evening. Heavy rain could be an issue by Tuesday as the brunt of the remnants affects the region. The good news is that what's left of Florence will have lost a lot of it's potency at that point, so don't expect the catastrophic flooding that's plagued the Carolinas.

One of the differences will be that the storm will pick up a lot of speed, and move through quickly. This is in stark comparison to it's impact on the south, as the storm has virtually stalled, dumping massive amounts of rain. Some flash flooding (of 1 to 2 inches) could be still be an issue though, o stay tuned for details.

Cooler, less humid weather is excepted by Wednesday with highs in the 70s and lows all the way down to the upper 40s.