Whether your kids are doing remote classes or some sort of hybrid learning, there's no denying that this year is different than any other school year. And that's a lot of stress on both students and parents. Try not to get discouraged. The Millbrook Library is hoping to ease that stress for you.

Do you have homework questions? The Children’s Librarian at the Millbrook Library has the answers. Register to meet for a thirty minute in-person session in the Children’s Room of the library. Please note that masks and social distancing are required in the library. If you would prefer to meet virtually, you can send an email to agallagher@millbrooklibrary.org.

The sessions will be every Tuesday starting today and running through Oct. 27. You will need to register. For more information about these sessions and other events at the Millbrook Library, check out the event facebook page or the Millbrook Library website.




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