A comedy mastermind takes a stab at horror, Netflix puts out a new original, and famous people hand gold statues to other famous people this weekend. Check out what you should watch with Meat at the Movies!

The movie I'm most excited about this weekend is Get Out, a new horror movie directed by Jordan Peele from Key and Peele. You hear his name and you think comedy and it sounds like Get Out is funny, but it's much more rooted in horror and it takes the satire element of Key and Peele and plants it onto this scary story. The movie's about a black man who who goes to meet the parents of his white girlfriend, and then starts to uncover weird and disturbing things about the town's relationship with the black people in the community. Peele is basically turning racism into a horror movie, and it sounds like something that only one of the guys from Key and Peele could do. I'm hearing great things about it; It played at Sundance last month and got a huge response, and it currently has a 100 on Rotten Tomatoes, so this is definitely the one to go see this weekend.

And there was another movie that played at Sundance last month that's coming out this weekend, but this one isn't in theaters. It actually got picked up by Netflix and the streaming service is releasing it for everyone tomorrow, and it's called I Don't Feel At Home in This World Anymore. This is a really cool sounding movie, a crime thriller starring Melanie Lynsky and Elijah Wood. The movie is about a woman whose home is burglarized, so she sets off on a revenge mission with her neighbor. This is a smaller movie getting really strong reviews, and it actually won one of the main prizes at Sundance. You don't even have to leave your house to go see it, so I think that's definitely something to check out too.

And if you're not interested in actually watching any movies this weekend, the 89th Oscars are airing on Sunday. La La Land is going in with the most momentum with 14 total nominations, tied for the most nominations any movie has ever gotten at the Oscars (along with All About Eve and Titanic). It's the heavy favorite, but Moonlight also has a pretty solid chance at taking it down. Jimmy Kimmel is hosting and the ceremony airs on ABC on Sunday night at 8.

So if you can see Get Out go do it, but if you don't wanna get off your couch, Netflix has got you covered with I Don't Feel At Home in this World Anymore, and of course the Oscars are this weekend, and until next time we'll Meat at the Movies