This guy might have  some explaining to do.

It wasn't good night for 37 year-old Manhattan man who decided to invite stranger back to his apartment. The NY Daily News says the man met the woman the night of July 19 Jean Pierre  near E 51st St. and Beekman Place.

Apparently, the man's wife wasn't home so he figured he'd bring his new side chick back to his place to get to know each other a little better. That's when police say the unidentified woman made off with over fifty thousand dollars worth of jewelry. The real kicker is that the jewel thief even stole the wife's thirty thousand dollar wedding ring, plus a seventeen thousand dollar Rolex watch.

Police released surveillance photos of the woman in hopes someone will come forward with information.

In the mean time, we can only hope this guy has the money for a good divorce attorney. Cause after pulling something like this behind his wife's back, he may be having to find a new place to live.