A bizarre incident caught on camera has left many people wondering what this guy was doing.

This dash cam video shows a 42-year-old man suddenly stop his vehicle in the middle of the busy Massachusetts Turnpike Tuesday evening and proceed to crawl on to the hood of a school bus that was right behind him.

His reason for the dangerous stunt? He wanted to make sure everyone was okay. 

I wanted to make sure that the passengers of that bus were safe. I looked through the front windshield because that was the only window which was not so tinted.

WHDH reports that there was no one on the bus at the time, except for the driver.

The so-called concerned citizen from Dorchster, MA can be seen yelling at the driver about why his windows were dark. When reached for comment from WCVR, the man changed the topic to how the Boston Bruins were doing in the NHL playoffs.

The man is being hit with a bunch of charges now, including disorderly conduct, and negligent operation of a motor vehicle. Yeah, he'll probably be walking or taking the bus now for quite a while.