Obnoxious airline passengers can be quite a headache, especially if you're stuck near one on a long flight. That is what apparently happened to one New Jersey man, who claims his ordeal involved be urinated on. Now, the pissed off passenger is suing United Airlines for being allegedly pissed on.

The NY Post says the man boarded Flight 1871 out of Los Angeles to Newark when another passenger the Post describes as being "extremely drunk" sat right next to him in row 24.

The recipient of the alleged golden shower claims in his suit that the drunken mess that was sitting next to him:

...took out his penis and aimed it at Card and proceeded to urinate all over Card’s leg, while Card was confined to his seat due to an imminent departure of the flight.

He was unable to get up out of his seat because the plane was about to take off. Once in the air, the man told the flight crew about what happened and requested to move. According to his suit however, he was denied several times before finally being allowed to move away from the now passed out passenger.

While he finally escaped the embarrassing incident, he was then "forced to endure the remainder of the flight to Newark/New Jersey while remaining in his urine drenched clothing.” according to the NY Post. Once the plane finally landed in Newark, law enforcement got involved and interviewed both men. The drunk guy claimed he had no memory of urinating on anyone.

According to the Post, the man is suing for assault, negligence, breach of contract and emotional distress. No word if United offered to foot the cleaning bill for the poor guy's clothes.