This probably wasn't the answer police were expecting when they asked this man what his name was.

The NY Post says that a 34 year-old man was reportedly driving erratically early Friday morning before nearly hitting a pedestrian and then finally crashing into a ditch.

Once the Galesburg, IL police caught up with him, they quickly noticed the smell of alcohol and the man's erratic behavior. When they asked what his name was he simply said...Burger King. Well, that's not really his name. But judging by how drunk this guy was, he may have actually thought it to be true.

What is true, according to police, is that "Burger King" Galloway would not cooperate with the officers or medical personnel. WGIL is reporting that he proceeded to yell racial slurs towards the paramedics crew who were trying to help him.

The Post says that "Mr. King" continued to ignore instructions and had to be carried to the police station.  WGIL says he was transported to a nearby hospital where he unleashed a bizarre series of statements such as “Jesus was not the way". He also said the doctor would give him a million dollars

He was finally transported to the Knox County Jail where he proclaimed to the staff; “You all believe in Satan. You all worship Satan. You all [are] driving me to Satan’s town.”

"Burger King" is being charged with Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol, and for Resisting Arrest.