I don’t think the bare necessities taught anyone this! One can wonder if a man can stomach his punishment for allegedly using donuts to illegally kill a bear in the Hudson Valley.

On Sept. 10, the opening day of bear hunting season, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Office Matthew Baker investigated a complaint about a bear being shot with the aid of pre-established bait in the Town of Lumerland.

After arriving at the Sullivan County hunting camp, the bear was already field dressed and prepared for transport by the hunter, officials say. While at the camp, ECO Baker observed multiple empty donut boxes in a fire pit.

Baker says he then located a stand nearby, along with a large pile of chocolate donuts and fresh blood on the ground.

Soon the unnamed hunter allegedly confessed to shooting the bear using donuts as bait. He was ticketed for hunting with the aid of bait and the illegal taking of a bear.

Yogi Bear was known for stealing picnic baskets, one now wonders if those baskets contained donuts!