If you're looking for anything strange, ill advised, or just plain stupid, well...the internet always delivers.

If you're afraid of spiders then you might want to turn away now.

This particular video surfaced this week of a Michigan man you appears to eat huntsman spider before washing it down with a bottle of Corona. A women can be heard in the background begging the man to not go through with the stupid act. Of course, as you know...men don't always listen.

Various species of huntsman spiders are found all over the world, mainly in warmer regions. They get their name from their speed and method of hunting. They're also sometimes to referred to as wood spiders or giant crab spiders.

Like many spiders, they are venomous. their bites have been known to cause swelling, nausea, headache, vomiting, irregular pulse rate, and heart palpitations. So in other words, going through with a stunt like this is not advised.

Of course, there are some saying it could be fake? Take a look if you're not too squeamish, and judge for yourself.