This is something even Michael Phelps wouldn't try.

A 38 year-old British man hopes to swim a nearly two thousand mile distance across the Atlantic Ocean. His journey began Sunday when he swam off a beach near Dakar, Senegal. He hopes to become the first person to complete the entire distance when he reaches the shores of Brazil in March.

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Ben Hooper is a former police officer who has been training the past three years for the great trek. Hooper decided to turn his life around a few years back after suffering from severe depression.

Nobody had swum a full ocean. More people have landed on the moon than have tried this, so at that point I thought maybe this is my calling. If I can inspire myself, other people and raise money for charity, why not do it?

Hooper says he's always had a fascination with the ocean and water since he nearly drowned in a swimming pool as a child.

Hooper will be followed by two boats where he will sleep and eat. He then plans to swim in two shifts, totaling about ten hours a day. A crew of less than a dozen will keeps an eye on him and the surrounding elements.

Now he braves the shark and jellyfish infested waters, as well as storms, dangerous currents, and dehydration, as he swims across the great expanse.

None of his this going to slow him down, however. Hooper says his greatest fear is actually letting his crew and his eight year-old daughter down. He says his daughter is one of his greatest inspirations for the journey.

We wish him the best of luck.