Talk about not having a leg to stand on? In one of this week's most bizarre stories, a suspect is accused of armed robbery where he made off with more than just a few stolen goods. In this case, the suspect allegedly even stole the victim's prosthetic leg. But it's where police found the stolen leg that's got people baffled.

Police say the suspect came up from behind the victim with a metal spike. The suspect then allegedly made off with the victim's backpack and fake leg. There is no explanation yet why the suspect took the prosthetic as well. Did he plan on pawning it? Use it as a potential weapon? Or was he going to bring it home and make it in to his very own leg lamp like in A Christmas Story? Who knows?

Police say they eventually caught up with the leg thief who appeared to have strapped the prostic to his head. Must have been showing it off as his trophy? Officials were able to remove the prosthetic leg from the suspect's head and return it to the victim, who was presumingly ecstatic to have his other leg back.

You can see the alleged thief's spacy mugshot here

In other news, a Pennsylvania man is facing some stiff penalties of his own over a much smaller item he is accused of stealing. WSBT says that a convenience store had a special promotion where you could get two bottles of Mountain Dew for only three bucks. Police say the suspect paid for one of the bottles with two dollars and then left the store. The problem was that one bottle cost $2.29 with tax, so police say he actually owes the store 43 cents. So he underpaid by less than half a dollar, and now he could go to jail for this long?

The state of Pennsylvania has a three strikes law of retail theft. Penn Live reports that the same man was convicted over ten years ago for not paying for gas. He was also arrested for stealing a $39.99 pair of shoes from a KMart store, and for stealing craft supplies from a Hobby Lobby. This is now his fourth charges, according to officials. Some have backed the state's measure to stop theft, though others claim it does not factor in the context of the crimes being committed.

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