All my life I have been a Fur Mom and yes, sadly I have had to experience the moment when you realize that your pet has runoff. I was fortunate that I was reunited quickly with my dog, but that isn't the case for many folks who lose their fur baby.

Here in the Hudson Valley area, we have a lot of organizations that work tirelessly on social media to help people who have been separated from their pets. Lost Pets of the Hudson Valley is one such group. There is also another known as Buddha Dog Rescue & Recovery. Both of the groups work throughout New York, New Jersey, and the surrounding areas to help people and pets reunite.

Trustworthy Hudson Valley Lost Pet Groups

I am familiar with both of these groups, not because they found a pet of mine that went missing, but because I see their countless social media interactions when a pet goes missing around our area. They have built an amazing network so people can share information about the missing animal, plus people can post sightings in the comments as well. They are also very good about updates, so you can see the happy endings.

Thomas Etzkorn/ Townsquare Media of the Hudson Valley
Thomas Etzkorn/ Townsquare Media of the Hudson Valley

Because I have followed both of these groups for years, I take seriously their advice when they warn people about scams involving their pets. On Saturday (February 19, 2022) Lost Pets of the Hudson Valley shared a scam warning that has been going around for a few years now but recently resurfaced in our area. It involves the scammers impersonating a real organization called PawBoost.

The Lost Pet Scam Circulating in the Hudson Valley

Pawboost does exist and does offer you a place to put up information about a lost pet, however, it is a national organization and there are fees involved if you go beyond just a basic post. The scammers posing as PawBoost actually contact you asking for personal information and money. Don't reply and don't click on any links.

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What to Do if You Lose Your Pet in the Hudson Valley

If you have lost a pet in the Hudson Valley, start with your local police departments and shelters so they know you are looking for your pet, then be sure to contact Lost Pets of the Hudson Valley so they can get the word out. You also want to be sure that your pet can be Identified.

Precautions You Can Take to Help Find Your Lost Hudson Valley Pet

Make sure they have tags with a name, address, and phone number. Have them microchipped and keep that information updated. Also, make sure you have recent pictures of your pet so people can actually spot them when lost.

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