This is brilliant. Portland, Oregon, inventor Matt Cornell found a way to merge his love of video games and alcohol

Cornell took some old cartridges from his Nintendo Entertainment System and turned them into flasks. Hoping to turn his passion into a business Cornell turned to site Kickstarter - and in just 30 days he was able to reach his goal of 12 thousand dollars.  In fact, he's now up to nearly 40 grand!

He used the money to have custom cartridge-shaped flasks made so he no longer has to hollow out old ones.  Each flask gets a legit-looking label spoofing a popular Nintendo game. For example, Duck Hunt became Drunk Hunt, Castlevania was re-imagined as Castle Vodka, and Metal Gear was reborn Metal Beer.

The flasks go for $15... and although they're supposed to be a stealth way of transporting booze you will have to explain why you have an old Nintendo cartridge sticking out of your jeans.