Mountains, a majestic river, the best fall foliage, and lots of great little cities and villages. That’s one way to describe the Hudson Valley. Is there anything that could make it look even cooler? How about being able to see the longest lunar eclipse of the century? That’s pretty cool.

November’s full moon is called the Frosty Moon or the Beaver Moon. The full moon comes up on Nov. 19, and along with the moon comes the year’s final lunar eclipse. And even though it’s a partial eclipse, it’s pretty darn close to a total eclipse with 97 percent of the moon covered by the earth’s shadow. According to, the partial eclipse will begin at 2:18AM New York time, the maximum eclipse hits at 4:02AM, and it ends at 5:47AM New York time. 

According to NASA, this will be the longest eclipse of the century clocking in at over 3 hours and 28 minutes. So if you miss it, chances are that you’ve missed the longest eclipse of our lifetimes. Unless you’re really, really young. I guess this is one of the advantages to getting up before 4 in the morning, like I do. 

Even if you do happen to miss the longest eclipse of the century on Nov. 19, there is still something pretty cool to follow. A solar eclipse always occurs about two weeks before or after a lunar eclipse, and we’ve got a solar eclipse coming up on Dec.4. Sometimes, when you want to see something awesome, all you have to do is remember to look up.

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