It's Limerick Day.  I never even know there was a Limerick Day, but there is, and I wrote a limerick for each of my coworkers on The Boris and Robyn Show.


The first one is for newsman Bobby Welber-
There once was a newsman named Bobby

Who went to the gym as his hobby

He used all that muscle

To help with the hustle

Of gathering news for the jobby
The next is for our producer Meat Sandwich-
There once was a sandwich named Meat

His productions skills couldn't be beat

but let's not be hasty

He isn't that tasty

He's a sandwich you don't want to eat
And the last one is for Boris-
There once was a dj named Boris

He came on the radio for us

He gets up at four thirty

To act rather nerdy

He likes, but he doesn't adore us
Happy Limerick Day.  I hope you enjoyed my limericks.  Maybe you'll even write a few of your own.