In December a popular radio personality left WPDH, but surprisingly, many of you haven't even noticed.

The Boris & Robyn Show's producer, affectionately referred to as "Meat Sandwich" was originally a guy named Chris, who became famous for doing some ridiculous things like eating this entire barbecued meal in just 30 minutes.

At the end of last year Chris left The Boris & Robyn Show for another job opportunity. It was hard to say goodbye, but we couldn't fault him for pursuing a career that didn't require getting up at 4am and handing out concert tickets dressed as an Easter Bunny.

Over the holiday break, Mike, another WPDH staff member, stepped right into Chris' role as "Meat Sandwich." We thought it would be fun to see if anyone actually realized that our long-time producer left, so we just carried on as if nothing happened.

We thought the joke would last for a few days, since the differences between the old and new Meat Sandwich were very obvious. When listeners complained that the contest "Are You Dumber Than Meat Sandwich" got much more difficult in January, we were certain the joke was up. It seems as though Mike is some sort of genius. Also, as you can see, Mike is a LOT less hairy than Chris was.

Well, I guess you could imagine how surprised we were when most of you never caught on. We got a lot of questions asking why Meat Sandwich had shaved, and why he suddenly sounded different on the air, but only a handful actually realized that our producer was, in fact, an entirely different person. It became a running joke on the show and we had fun commenting on how "different" Meat Sandwich had actually become.

Only after one of our coworkers had a little too much to drink at Paddy On The River this weekend, did we realize that some of you may not actually be all that happy when you finally found out the truth.

So we figured it was time to officially come clean and let everyone know once and for all that the Meat Sandwich you've been listening to since Christmas is different than the one you were listening to last year.

Were curious to find out how many of you actually figured it out, or actually even care that we've got a new "Meat Sandwich."  Let us know your thoughts by answering our poll below. Boris and Robyn (or at least the current Robyn that's on the air right now) will reveal the results on Tuesday's show.