We’re so very close to making recreational pot legal here in New York State. Just a couple of things to iron out. I say just do it. We’ve had years to iron things out. It’s such a win/win situation.

There have been studies upon studies about how legalizing pot will affect use among minors, traffic accidents and fatalities, and crime. All of those things seem to be a non-issue in states that have already made recreational pot legal. What is a sure thing in those states is that they’re making a ton of money, taxes can be cut, and jobs have been created. What a horrible thing to have happen here in New York. I’m being sarcastic, of course. It would be one of the best things that could happen to New York.

If you are anti-legalization, perhaps you have visions of a bunch of stoned zombies driving around on the roads of the Hudson Valley. Well, if you think that somebody who would get behind the wheel too stoned to drive isn’t already doing that, I’ve got news for you. People who want pot can and do get pot whether it’s legal or not. 

But that doesn’t help the state at all, and it doesn’t match the right strain of pot with the person buying it, which is another great reason for legalization. Not every type of weed is right for everybody, and when you’re buying from a legal dispensary, there are professional and educated people to help customers.

New York State is long overdue for recreational pot legalization. Don’t like pot? Don’t smoke it. But legalization is one of the best ways to educate people on responsible pot use. Not to mention the jobs and the money for the state. Just do it, already.

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