Here's the least played song live off of every one of Metallica's albums.

Metallica are a band that is very thoughtful about their setlists. Lars Ulrich is notorious for pouring through past sets, ensuring each time they revisit a city, fans aren't just getting more of the same. With a habit of changing up what they play each night, the metal legends are sticklers for rehearsals, setting up an area backstage where they can practice and run through songs before showtime, smoothing over nuance to bring a tight performance to those in attendance.

What this also means is that Metallica have covered a lot of ground when it comes to their 11-album catalog. As a result, there are not many songs that the group hasn't played live before.

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Inevitably, however, some tracks are deep cuts and are therefore rarities live, which is what we're taking a look at here with the ever-handy as our guide. There's even five songs from those studio records that have only been played live once!

See the least played song off of every Metallica album directly below.

The Least Played Song Live From Every Metallica Album

These Are the 22 Songs Metallica Have Never Played Live

Metallica have never played these songs live before.