Last in Line are one of two groups that has evolved out of the love for the music of the late Ronnie James Dio (the other being Dio Disciples), but this past year, the band decided to release their first original album, Heavy Crown. During a chat with myRockWorld, drummer Vinny Appice, who played with Dio in Black SabbathDio and Heaven and Hell, was asked about what he felt Dio would think of the Heavy Cross album.

"I think he would like it. He might go, 'F--k those guys!' I don't know. [Laughs]," said the drummer in a rather self-effacing manner. He added, "He would probably like it inside, musically, but he wouldn't like the idea of us playing together. That's what I think."

Last in Line was formed in 2012 when estranged Dio guitarist Vivian Campbell invited his former Dio bandmates Appice and Jimmy Bain out for a jam. Campbell exited Dio under less than amicable circumstances, but his love for the music never waned and reuniting with the players from the discs he appeared on proved to be something they all enjoyed. An invitation to singer Andy Freeman eventually led to some shows and a record contract, but just as Heavy Cross was set to be released, Bain passed away.

Appice stated, "When he passed it was really ... what are we gonna do? And that kind of thing. Jimmy was a great part of the band, a great part of the writing and sound, so it was just take some time off, heal and then move on you know." The band has since added Phil Soussan on bass and keyboardist Erik Norlander. Hear more of Appice's interview in the player above.

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