There are no words to explain how funny this is. Well, words we can say here, anyway.

In honor of Mother's Day, Kraft has come out with this commercial, capitalizing on a study it did that found 74% of mothers admit to swearing in front of their children. If you're a mom, you'll understand. Whether it's stepping on a Lego, trying to coax your little one out of bed or get them to empty the dishwasher, you know sometimes dropping a good F-bomb is the only way to properly convey your anger, outrage and general frustration.

The ad features swearing expert (is there actually such a thing?) Melissa Mohr, who offers clean phrases for moms to exclaim around their children.

So, don't be a son of a motherless goat -- give this clip a look and maybe find some new wholesome ways to express your fury when the kids just aren't cooperating.