A group of young people filmed themselves breaking into the new Tappan Zee Bridge at night and exploring the under-construction span.

The shocking video was posted on July 13 and shows a trio of people climbing on the bridge and getting chased by the police. It starts with the illegal explorers meeting at the Raceway Diner in Yonkers and follows their exploration to the base of the bridge.

The three young men are seen squeezing through a fence and entering the off-limits construction area under the bridge. They use a ladder to make their way up to the top of the bridge where they eventually film themselves walking over the new Tappan Zee.

In the video, one of the trespassers says he came face to face with a security guard who, along with a police officer, begin to chase them across the bridge. It appears that they did not get caught, ending the video with their return to the car.

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