Two more classic rockers are being turned into new Funko Pop! figures.

Joining the collectible company's line of Pop! Rocks! that already includes Guns N' Roses and Lemmy, among others, are Jimi Hendrix and Joey Ramone. (Funko is also adding a Justin Bieber figure to the series, but you, like us, probably don't care about that one.) They will be released in June.

Neither classic rocker, both of whom are now long gone, was on a wish list of Funko Pop!s we made a while back, but we'll happily add these two figures to our growing collection that includes the original Planet of the Apes' Dr. Zaius, didn't-shoot-first Star Wars bounty hunter Greedo and various Universal Monsters.

The Hendrix Pop! comes with signature bandanna and Fender Stratocaster, held upside down to accommodate his left-handed playing. The Ramone figure features the Ramones singer in glasses, striped shirt, leather jacket and torn jeans, and holding a microphone stand.

This isn't the first time likenesses of Hendrix and a member of the Ramones has been preserved for fans. The guitarist has two statues dedicated to him (one in his hometown of Seattle), while Johnny Ramone, Joey's guitar-playing bandmate (also deceased), has a self-commissioned statue in Hollywood.

And this isn't Hendrix's first Funko Pop! The very first figure in the Pop! Rocks line was a "Purple Haze" Hendrix decked out in a purple bandanna and pants. Johnny and Dee Dee Ramone also were given their own Pop!s a while back. Elvis Presley, Kiss and the four Beatles also are part of the series.

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