This week on My Lost Treasure, we are celebrating the life of Dee Dee Ramone who was born this week in 1951. Sept. 18 to be exact. Sadly, we lost Dee Dee back in June of 2002, but the music lives on.

I'm pretty sure I saw The Ramones in the early 1980s at The Chance in Poughkeepsie. Honestly, those days are a little fuzzy in my memory. But I am pretty sure I saw them. Maybe it was the Mid Hudson Civic Center. Either way, I'm also pretty sure that I loved the show. And that it was energetic. Anyone who grew up in the New York area loves The Ramones. It's a requirement, I believe. The Ramones were the epitome of New York City punk. You still see lots of Ramones t-shirts. That's because The Ramones were, and still are so cool.

So, happy birthday Dee Dee. You have brought your fans many smiles through your music, and we are forever grateful.

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