A scary situation unfolded in the Hudson Valley early Friday evening in what was referred to by authorities as a 'mass casualty incident.' It has been clarified that there was no aircraft incident, but rather injuries and illness due to in-air turbulence, and the number of passengers impacted is the reason behind the 'mass casualty' classification.

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Plane Headed For Newark Diverted to Stewart Airport

Friday evening, several local agencies began reporting that evaluations and hospital transports were underway near Stewart International Airport, as 200+ people on board a flight from overseas was severely impacted by heavy turbulence. USA Today reports that the 10 hour United Airlines flight which originated in Tel Aviv, was just about to land at Newark Airport and had to land in 'New York Stewart International Airport after experiencing high winds that caused a disturbance on board.'


Air Guard, Several Ambulance Companies Called To Stewart Airport, Surrounding Area

Orange County NY Fire Calls is reporting that Air Guard units as well as EMS from a number of local agencies including New Windsor and Beacon Ambulance 1 have been called to a staging area. According to audio footage shared in a local scanner feed, the staging area appears to be set up at the nearby Homewood Suites.


On Friday evening, shortly following the emergency landing, the local scanner feeds on Facebook were reporting that a small number of passengers had been transported to local hospitals, while many had refused medical attention. USA Today along with several other NY-based news outlets clarified, reporting that one passenger deplaned due to a medical incident, and a few other customer were seen by medical personnel for possible motion sickness. New York Post reported that six people aboard the flight were hospitalized. An exact number of people requiring medical attention was not confirmed by United Airlines.

United Airlines Flight 85 landed safely at New York Stewart International Airport around 6:45pm local time on Friday, March 29, after the crew reported a passenger medical emergency.

It has been reported that the FAA has opened an investigation regarding the incident.

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